Chef Zeki,The Owner of Efendi Restaurant

I'm Chef Zeki with 17+ years of extensive experience. In Efendi restaurant, where our expertise is still a family tradition and taste as good as it smells!
This is the place where we serve the best food that changes the mood...We provide Mouthwatering food and flavors that are unforgettable.

  • E Experience a taste of Turkey!
  • F Fresh food, fresh ideas and fast service.
  • E Eat well and each day get a new tasting experience!
  • N New flavors and old memories.
  • D Delicious. Authentic. Sustainable.
  • I Inspired by the seasons, our tasting menus offer fresh, local ingredients in unique flavor combinations.
Good food is like friendship rich, and warm. Enjoy our seasonal menu and experience the beauty of naturalness. Enjoy the benefits of a healthy, sustainable, and delicious meal.
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